JUNE 19–23, 2016

Presentation Details

Name: The Era of Cognitive Business: Applications of IBM Watson for Smarter Industries
Time: Wednesday, June 22, 2016
01:45 pm - 02:15 pm
Room:   Panorama 1
Messe Frankfurt
Breaks:12:30 pm - 01:45 pm Lunch
Speaker:   Alessandro Curioni, IBM Research Zurich
Abstract:   In 2006, IBM Research embarked on a Grand Challenge to play and win against humans at the game of Jeopardy! In Feb 2011, IBM Watson was introduced to television audiences across the world and demonstrated that it could compete at a grand master level -- beating Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in an exhibition match. In doing so, we were able to demonstrate that a computer could be built to understand the most subtle dimensions of natural language and to find the answers to difficult questions across an enormous knowledge base, and with a strong sense of its own confidence. This wasn't just simply recognizing speech -- this was interpreting the meaning of language in a way that has never been achieved before. Since then, we have gone on to adapt Watson to answer critical questions across several industries including healthcare, consumer goods, insurance, chemicals and petroleum. Watson serves as a prime example of how cognitive computing will transform our world. During this talk, we will take you through the IBM Watson story with the intent of inspiring new thinking about the application of cognitive systems to other industries.